Makoko Nguempio

“Terrific! A wonderful film.”

- D. A. Pennebaker, director
The War Room, Don’t Look Back, Monterey Pop


“A captivating, eclectic film - full of lovely, mildly insane personalities. And history I was happy to learn. I loved it. Yes, it could be turned into a feature, with all of the details filled in. Brazza in his Nadar pictures looks a lot like Ralph Fiennes.”

- Walter Murch, Academy Award-winning film editor and sound designer
The Godfather I-III, Apocalypse Now, The English Patient


“Fascinating. I was thrilled to have been able to see it. One's connection to and responsibility for the life of long-dead family members is a puzzling, strange, very absorbing subject.”

- Wally Shawn, actor and writer
My Dinner with Andre


“Terrific, really interesting, and now I cannot wait to read the book. The film is wonderfully made - all of it, the great music, the graphics, the story.”

- Michael Ondaatje, author
The English Patient, Running in the Family,
The Converstations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film


“Bravo! The film is beautifully rendered. From the seamless and elegantly cinematic integration of animation/graphics/puppetry/photography/archival materials and exquisite and richly layered story, the film is a sociopolitical-cultural tour-de-force!”

- Stephen Dembitzer, executive producer
In the Bedroom, 5 Academy Award nominations


“What a movie! An entryway into a world I know virtually nothing about. And the book, it's a beauty. I can't wait to disappear into a big chair and read for hours at a time.

- Pete Hamill, author
A Drinking Life, Downtown: My Manhattan, North River, Tabloid City